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Odbiór dyplomu ODKRYCIE ROKU 2023 przez EPPA - OKNOREC.jpg


The EPPA Association was awarded for the OKNOREC recycling project by the competition jury in the "Discovery of the Year" 2023 VIP Joinery program (20 – 21.09.2023).

The award granted and the attention of the jury of the "Discovery of the Year" competition organized by Stolarka VIP to the activities of the EPPA Association and the OKNOREC recycling project emphasize the importance of activity in the field of using construction products in the process of thermal modernization of buildings in Poland. This example of activity in the industry of producers, distributors and window installation companies is actually the first project of this type in the window industry, and perhaps also in the construction materials industry, in Poland.


Let the received award be an encouragement not only for EPPA to intensify its activities, but especially for companies that can join the OKNOREC recycling project to unite common forces. I invite managers from the window industry to join the project, to join the group of companies that normally compete with each other on the market, but have decided to join forces to protect the climate and minimize construction waste”: - encourages Marek Karwowski, general manager of EPPA Polska, in his statement, who received the award together with Karol Pięta - Project Manager of EPPA Polska during the 8th International VIP Joinery Forum.


"The Discovery of the Year program organized by Stolarka VIP was created with new, innovative and ecological products or services in mind, which have been on the market for a relatively short time. Only a few companies or producers receive such an award. It is awarded by the Chapter of the program under the supervision of Stolarka VIP, which in the decision-making process, it primarily assesses the innovative nature of the product, which will respond to the needs of the industry, consumers, and architects": emphasizes Grzegorz Cendrowski, president of Stolarka VIP.


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The POiD Congress is a two-day conference that gathers the largest Polish window manufacturers every year.

You can find details about previous editions of the event here:

The General Assembly took place in Warsaw alongside the national POID conference (24-25th of May), where EPPA was honored to design a full conference block on the first afternoon. The conference block centered around the theme of "Why the Green Deal needs PVC Window Systems," featuring esteemed guests including MEP Hetman (EPP) who delivered a speech on the relevance of the Construction Products Regulation for the Polish market.


Oscar Nieto from the European Commission also provided a presentation on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation and forthcoming legislative requirements for the CE Marking of windows. “Given the on-going CPR Acquis process and the progress in the revision process of the Construction Products Regulation, the window industry can expect the entry into force of their new harmonized standard in around 5 years – if they start revising their standard now and the development runs smoothly, Oscar Nieto explained. During the conference, EPPA proudly announced the launch of the OKNOREC PVC window collection and recycling project in Poland. Under the leadership of Marek Karwowski and Karol Pieta, this initiative aims to raise awareness about the recyclability of old PVC profiles from windows. The project's primary focus is to enhance collection processes for PVC profiles, ensuring their proper recycling and minimizing waste.


The OKNOREC project aligns seamlessly with EPPA's overarching goals within the framework of the VinylPlus Sustainability Commitment 2030. While MEP Hetman kept his “fingers crossed for the OKNOREC project” as he explained during his presentation on the conference, the PVC window system supplier industry is determined to continue building industry-owned takeback networks that keep the PVC from old windows in a closed loop


The EPPA team was fully present during the BUDMA fair held in Poznań from January 31st to February 3rd, 2023. For the first time at an event in Poland, EPPA appeared with an official booth. The EPPA booth enjoyed significant success as it was visited by many industry representatives. The increased presence of EPPA in the Polish market was met with a promise of further support. Members of POiD openly spoke about shared ideas for implementing EPPA's vision and mission in Poland.

During the BUDMA fair, EPPA organized a conference entitled "Window Profiles with PVC and Their Value Chain: Key to Climate Protection and Business Development." The event garnered significant interest from PVC window profile manufacturers in Poland. The conference concluded with a fruitful panel discussion, during which EPPA shared its idea for future collaboration between collection points in Poland, recycling companies, window transportation, and manufacturers.

List of speakers participating in the conference:

- Paweł Ciepły - Managing Director at VEKA

- Marcin Szewczuk - Marketing Manager at ALUPLAST

- Jarosław Kujawa - Production Preparation Manager at REHAU

- Maciej Mańko - Marketing Manager at GLASSOLUTIONS

- Krzysztof Michalak - CSO, Sales Director at OKNOPLAST

- Andrzej Sobieski - HOMAX VETREX

- Piotr Szeremiota - Sales Director at DEKOS

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Link to YouTube video summary of the event:

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